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Author Analyst is a newsletter all about how to get your book selling in as many formats as possible—print, ebook, audiobook, translations, and more—and through as many retailers as possible.

About Monica Leonelle

This newsletter is run by me, Monica Leonelle. I'm a USA TODAY bestseller and write both fiction and nonfiction as an independent author. I've been publishing my own work since 2009 and have been there for the many evolutions of the publishing industry since then.

I started this newsletter and a corresponding book series called Book Sales Supercharged out of a passion for discovering new and interesting things about what works and doesn't across various retailers. My previous career was as a marketing professional in the tech startup space, so I have plenty to say about many of the tech companies that are fairly new players to the publishing world. My content is a mix of brass tacks marketing + big picture business analysis.

What the Newsletter Covers (or Doesn't)

In this newsletter you'll find:

  • Book industry news commentary - I'll be offering my take on some of the big news that comes through regarding the independent side of the publishing industry

  • Snippets of my book series - I am currently writing (with the help of my co-author Russell Nohelty) a series called Book Sales Supercharged that takes a deep dive into each of the major retailers in publishing. I'll share excerpts from various books in this series before the books are available.

  • Relevant articles and resources - If I post something relevant to Medium, YouTube, or my podcast feed, I'll share the link here. If I find a project or resource from someone else that is a helpful addition to the conversation, I'll share the link here.

  • Experiments that worked - The series I'm writing is pushing me to do more experimentation, and I've set a goal to try three new things for each platform. If it works, I'll share. If it's a spectacular failure, I'll share. Should be interesting either way!

Who the newsletter is ideal for:

  • Independent authors in fiction or nonfiction

  • Not published yet to 100+ books in (but be warned, I don't cover basics about publishing)

  • Authors interested in looking at and making money from many streams of income

Who will not enjoy this newsletter:

  • Those looking for an expert at everything (I'm not sure this is even possible as there are so many retailers, formats, markets, and distribution idiosyncrasies, plus tactics vary slightly based on your citizenship and the country where you live)

  • Those who want to make the most money possible immediately (every income stream you want to grow takes time and energy)

  • Those who are competition-focused (I love competition in general but I genuinely believe that every author can find their unique path to success)

  • Those who want to be primarily traditionally published (this newsletter is primarily going to share independent publishing content)

Posting Schedule

Posts will run 1-2 times a week. Roughly half of the posts will be free and half will be for paid subscribers only.

Becoming a Subscriber

You can subscribe to this newsletter on Substack here or on Patreon here.

For the yearly subscription, Substack has a new feature where if I were to discontinue this newsletter, you would get a partial refund for the remaining months of your yearly payment. I obviously haven’t tested this, so I don’t know how it works. You can read more about this feature here. Please be aware that this feature working correctly is on Substack, not me, so I’ll do my best to make this right should I need to pause or close this newsletter.

Get Your Book Selling Wide

To create a better experience for paid subscribers, I tend to assume that readers are both familiar with my work and watching trends in the independent publishing space. If this doesn’t describe you, I highly recommend you catch up on the state of the industry with my book, Get Your Book Selling Wide.

Get Your Book Selling Wide is currently permafree in ebook at most retailers and also available in paperback and hardcover. If you are curious about the book series, you can grab the first book for free in ebook format on my website or at any major retailer.

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